Keyboard Shortcuts

Paste is designed to be fully accessible from the keyboard and has several useful shortcuts like the ones given below. 

If you are not comfortable with the default shortcuts, you can always define your own shortcuts in Preferences.


Show and hide Paste ⇧ Shift⌘ CmdV
Hide Paste Esc
Find ⌘ CmdF
Quick Look selected item Space

Selection & Scrolling

Select next item
Select the previous item
Extend items selection one item to the right ⇧ Shift
Extend items selection one item to the left ⇧ Shift
Select the first item in the list ⌘ Cmd
Select the last item in the list ⌘ Cmd
Select all items ⌘ CmdA
Scroll list to the beginning Fn
Scroll list to the end Fn

Copy & Paste

Paste selected items ↩ Return
Paste selected items as Plain Text ⇧ Shift↩ Return
Quick paste ⌘ Cmd1...9
Quick paste as Plain Text ⇧ Shift⌘ Cmd1...9
Delete selected items Delete


Go to next Pinboard ⌘ Cmd]
Go to previous Pinboard ⌘ Cmd[

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